3 Magical words!

Please, Sorry and Thank you- We have learnt these three magical words in our early childhood, and these words are working well for us since then. The sight of a kid holding his ears and saying sorry; can make anyone fall for the cuteness. These are good words and is the right thing to say when required, but the tragedy of moralistic society is that while we may say or do all right things, but nothing right happens within us.

When something doesn’t belong to us, but we got it, we must say please. Thank you must happen when have a feeling of gratitude. Only saying thank you in front of somebody’s face and turn around and say something else, yields no good. Unfortunately, this is what happens around us all the time. We often use these words very loosely. Good things must happen within, happen in our behavior.

For us to evolve, transformation must happen within. To me, in this context evolution means; from being a hard-core concretized individual we become a little more inclusive. It essentially means that sense of boundary around us is larger now- ‘I am larger than what I was earlier’. There must be inclusiveness, we must see others as ourselves. We must treat others the way we want to be treated. What happens out of our inclusiveness is fantastic, it is humane.

It is nothing but mechanical if there is a formula that we have learnt; that by doing this or saying this I will get that, or things will happen for me. We must regulate our behaviour in society and what world needs today is good behaviour, inclusive people and not only good words.

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