Be happy, feel the exuberance!

Happiness consists more in pleasure that occur every day within us, than in great pieces of good fortune that seldom happen.

We will all agree that there is no one more inquisitive than a kid. There is a constant quest of knowing new things and everything is thrilling for a kid. As a kid we were always happy because we were always exploring new things.            

When we grow up most of us go in a repeat mode. We fall under this trap called “routine” and something new, something exciting has to happen to make us happy. Now when I say new, we start thinking of a vacation, new job, parties or fall in love, something that can potentially make us happy. These things do make us happy, but all these sources are someone or something external and mostly not in our control.

Happiness depends upon us. If we can derive happiness from within, that is definitely something everlasting. Being happy requires a constant work on inner self. We need to work on self to feel the reverberation of inner happiness, to be full of energy, excitement and cheerfulness.

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