Not every disagreement is to be solved for…some require maturity to outgrow them!

Most of us uneasily wonder about the disagreements; at work, in shared spaces or with our family. Is apathy better than outright clashes of belief? How often is tolerance merely unspoken disapproval?

The problem is bigger if the clash is with our family member or someone really close. Disagreements happen because we all have different thought process, belief systems, wants, needs. And it is only fair to live our life the way we want to, with some wisdom.

I could never convince my grandfather on the career choice that I made; he had plans for me which I could never relate to. He tried to explain, showed his concern and disagreement but I did what I wanted to. At one point I thought he was against me, I wasn’t mature enough to understand that it was just a difference of opinion and he was trying to explain his point of view. Although I am happy with my decision and later he also was, but I only wish to have dealt this with a little ease.

My husband and I can never agree on the kind of music to play; the music I like is noise to him. He definitely has an evolved sense of music but that do not bring me any close to listening to his stuff. There is no right or wrong here but we still get into argument at times. More often than not I end up winning and we play my choice of music. I clearly need to be more reasonable here.

When it is about our own people, people we love, people we care for; it doesn’t matter what our beliefs are, or where we belong, what matters is that we are together and it is a lot easier to fight for our people than fight with them.

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  1. Hemlata says:

    Too good

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  2. da-AL says:

    so true! 🙂


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