How can we know our life purpose?

“When will I know; what am I meant for?” I was asked this question by a 13 year old which left me wondering about questions like- How do I know my real self? Is there an age? When and how do we know what our passion is? Do all of us at some point in time only do what we are really meant for or only few can achieve this state?

After reflecting upon a few life experiences and reading a lot, here is how I would like to sum up this up: Understanding oneself doesn’t come with age automatically, but it definitely happens with the experiences and learning’s we have had in those years. This is a process that requires constant attention and effort. Just to take an example- when I started working; I was exposed to a whole new world and a part of the person that I am is because of my experiences at my work life, I started some writing and sine then I experience a new emotion about me, I met a new friend last year and she taught me a new perspective about life, a piece that was missing in me. Piece by piece we collect all these feelings, emotions, experiences and this helps us figure ourselves out. To know and establish a relationship with our life purpose, it is important that we feel these big and small life experiences, be self aware.

Can all of us figure out what we are meant for? My answer is ‘YES’. Not that I have figured out mine yet, but I am confident all of us will!

In his book The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho uses the metaphor of a person’s “Personal Treasure,” which to me was synonymous with our passion or purpose in life. In the story, the young boy travels the world in search of his treasure, only to find that it was buried under a tree near his home. My point is that our purpose is most likely not very far away from where we each are right now. It’s not some far off mystical dream. If we pay attention and feel, we can and will find that the purpose of life may be right beneath our feet.

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