Do things that are not important to you!

Throughout the day our routine is usually set and we get straight to our priorities. We all run after things that are important to us and of course we take them very seriously. There’s no denying that this is ‘the’ right thing to do. More often than not, in this process we take ourselves also very seriously, so serious that we fail to look beyond. We succeed, we fail, we crib, we cry; we limit our happiness and what can make us happy; what we do not consider is universe that exist with endless possibilities.

 As adults, in our quest to accomplish important things we often forget that life is also things which are not important to us. Little things that make big difference- the chirping of birds, a kind word, a cheer, a hug, a smile from a stranger, being able to have a shower or bath and feel of water running down your fingers and the tingling sensation. These are the things that do not result in success or failure, just bring a smile on our face and twinkle in our eyes. These are the things that do not measure or define anything about us, they are just there, we can think about such moments when we to go bed at night for a peaceful sleep.

Notice the little things around. Do unimportant things that give you happiness, even if it is a minute short. If something makes your soul smile, note it and make sure you include it as part of your routine.

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  1. Hemlata says:

    Rightly said…..that’s really true…I like the simplicity of your content which talks about those minute things which we often ignore in our day to day struggle but can really make a positive difference in our life if taken care of.

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