Approach your Spiritual side with playfulness

Remember those childhood days when we were never worried. Events from past would not color our present and we did not overthink about future. Life of a child is living in the moment, for the moment. That is what spirituality does. Spirituality is returning to your natural playful being, returning to the pure soul and child that you are.

Meditation is one of the mediums that take us closer to our spiritual being. When I started meditating, I experienced more thoughts than ever. And I feel that is absolutely fine! Meditation is as much about simply noticing how chaotic the mind can be as it is about cultivating mental stillness. Experience, accept and embrace the chaos in your journey to achieve the state of mental stillness. That brings you wisdom.

The most important spiritual growth doesn’t happen when you are meditating on a yoga mat. It happens in the midst of conflict- when you are angry or scared and then you realize you can do this differently.

I use to think spirituality will change things; but now I believe spirituality changes us and we change things!

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