Weekends are overrated, says a ‘lockdown Monday’

We all like to be free! Don’t we? And most of us were, until corona virus hit our lives. I know it is hard to get rid of the general feeling of anxiety that we all feel as we face a future riddled with uncertainties and unknowns. When will all this end? What will be the nature of parties and social gatherings? When will I be able to visit my friends and family? Will we ever get back to our old normal? And the list is long…… life has changed beyond all recognition and we’re all adapting. I was reading all my old ‘Vision 2020-21’ presentations a week ago and I smiled sadly at the thought of how fragile forecasts about life or even businesses can be!

In situations such as these, it is best not to spend too much time thinking about things that we have no control over; it is more effective to focus all our energies on the forces on which we exercise a great deal of control.

For most of us, pre-corona days were all about waiting for weekends to do things that we put under ‘fun/personal’ category. Staying at home taught us to treat all days equal. Before this, I could never imagine finishing my office at 6:00 pm and enjoying my favorite snack at 6:01 pm in my living room with my family on a Monday evening! Most of us have got back to our long forgotten hobbies. I have received calls and messages from lost friends and old colleagues just to check if everything is fine with me. I am now more regular with video calls to my family and friends. The realization that we need very little to be happy and content, has struck with all us.

Nothing lasts forever and so is true for this situation. We all value those little things in our lives, we now have some more time and space for them. This is our opportunity to learn and embrace a very different new meaning that life has.

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  1. Hemlata says:

    Very motivating in these difficult times


  2. Dhruv says:

    Very true nothing lasts forever so we should try to chresish this time of being at home with family also!! 🙂

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  3. Lovely and an inspiring post too🤗


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